Relying on your own staff to roll out or upgrade a CUE Publishing system means pulling key employees away from the day-to-day business of journalism. Planning a rollout, building products, developing and delivering training classes and providing support to colleagues means months spent away from their core mission. In today’s business environment, you can’t afford to lose good people to a technology project.

With Red Badge Consulting, you no longer need to divert your staff that way. Our team has a combined 240-plus years in the newsroom as reporters, editors, copy editors and designers. We understand the business of journalism.

We know Stibo DX systems, too. We’re veterans with almost 200 years of combined hands-on experience with CUE Print, CUE Web and their predecessor systems. We can introduce you to CUE, a platform that streamlines information gathering and publishing.

Our breadth of knowledge and experience means we can tackle every phase of your project, from early planning, timeline development and product building through to workflow definition, training, troubleshooting and support.

We get your project up and running quickly and efficiently and we see it through to its successful completion so your people can focus on what they do best – delivering the news.