Outsourcing copy editing and design work doesn’t mean having to integrate with a new production system. Our production service offers you a unique opportunity to have a copy editing and design staff that is entrenched in the journalism industry and brings a wealth of CCI NewsGate expertise to bear on your products.

Our team has a combined 230-plus years in the newsroom as reporters, editors, copy editors and designers. We know your business and we know your NewsGate system. We can be up and running quickly on your existing infrastructure as a fully integrated part of your workflow.

We value quality, efficiency, communication and responsiveness. We’re passionate about streamlining workflows and delivering top-notch and efficient editing and design.

Our NewsGate production team can take on your existing workflow or help you design a new way for your newsroom to work. All that while handling a variety of content needs, from heavily templated products to more innovative display pieces.