Even the best-trained users are going to have questions from time to time. Something goes awry, or memory fails when it comes time to apply a little-used technique. From questions about standard workflow to advanced functions to complex design, our application support staff is just one phone call away.

Our expert users are responsive, friendly and knowledgeable. And we’re not just experts in CCI CUE and NewsGate. We are experts in the news business. We speak your language. We understand your workflow. Your users won’t have to spend time explaining their job to us before we can fix the problem.

We understand deadlines, too. Our experience in the newsroom means we are intimately familiar with the time constraints involved in news production. When you call us, we quickly assess the urgency of the issue and work to provide a resolution.

Our application support staff can:
▪ Answer workflow questions
▪ Troubleshoot missing content items
▪ Repair broken page and content sourcing
▪ Rebuild articles
▪ Fix tagging errors
▪ Navigate ad-workflow issues and answer any other CCI CUE and NewsGate application support questions you have.

We aren’t just here to provide the quick fix on deadline. When time allows, we offer full explanations of what went wrong and tips for improved workflow in the future.

News production happens around the clock. We’re here when you need us.